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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Which Greenhouse Materials To Choose And Why You Should Use Them

Planning to build your first greenhouse? Undoubtedly a noble idea! Well, why not think about the right greenhouse materials needed to construct a robust backyard Greenhouse? Frankly, greenhouses can be made using many different types of materials. The two main topics that need to be thought of carefully while talking about materials are the frame and the paint. The frames of such houses are made up of wood, steel, Aluminum, whereas the paint or the covering of the frame are usually done with glass or plastic. However, one can select materials depending on how you want a greenhouse to look and the amount you are likely to spend on it. Here in this article we’ll discuss the four most popular framing materials and get updated about their advantages and disadvantages.

Lumber- Most would choose wood as the perfect greenhouse material as it are easily available and working with wood seems a bit easy. The advantages of a wooden structure is that they are durable enough and are apt for more adverse weather conditions. If you are planning to build a greenhouse out of wood, you certainly need to think about the lighting options, ventilation, access point etc. So, it is necessary you go through a thorough planning work to get the best accessible results.

PVC pipe or Polyethylene- The next framing material that you need to consider is PVC pipe. There are multiple number of connectors available for the PVC pipes that could be easily transformed into a greenhouse frame. Working with PVC or Polyethylene is very easy and you will be able to construct the structure by yourself. Moreover, it is less costly and lightweight to handle. However, the only issue of such material is that it does not always have the much-needed durability and might not be able to handle adverse weather conditions.

Glass- Glass greenhouses are bit expensive but are a great way of building your structure. What is so unique about them is that they are highly effective and allow plants to experience sunlight coupled with the benefits of having a warm, protected environment. Little bit of planning is needed before you handle the fragile materials.

Aluminum- Aluminum could be the last choice for building a frame. Although these greenhouse materials are not easily available, but you can contact a local aluminum frame company who can fabricate a frame of the same material for your backyard greenhouses. 

When Glazing Your Greenhouse Is Needed

Once you have decided about the framing materials, it is important to decide what you are going to use to cover or glaze your greenhouse. One can use plastic or glass like Polycarbonate or acrylic in order to glaze the greenhouses. The advantage it enjoys over plastic glazing material is that it comes with superior heat retention, easy cleaning and no chance of getting discolored. The only issue about glass glazing is that it is more fragile in comparison to plastic and that's why when it gets broken, it should be replaced immediately. Besides, Polycarbonate sheets are also used as a glazing material since it is lightweight, robust and features great insulating qualities. 

So, no matter whether you are an expert gardener or beginner, getting the right greenhouse materials might help you set up a healthy house for your gardening requirements.

Floren Neel is is a passionate about greenhouse gardening and believes choosing right greenhouse materials can help people in setting a right structure. He believes that only the selection of right materials can let you construct robust backyard greenhouses for your gardening needs.

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